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Looking for a voiceover artist? Swiss voice-over for Swiss German

Are you looking for a Swiss voiceover artist to professionally record your text or would you like to book a voiceover artist for a public appearance? Then you’ve come to the correct place. Andy Zimmermann, 35 years old, competently records your German texts according to your wishes: exciting, entertaining, neutral, funny, sad – just the way you want it and as it best suits your product.


His voice is especially suited if you are looking for a voiceover artist for a Swiss client or to produce county-specific versions. Andy Zimmermann has great experience as a voiceover artist for radio commercials, television commercials and various signets, trailers and billboards, as an audiobook voiceover artist, voiceover artist for telephone systems/telephone answering machines, podcasts, image films and image videos, e-learning and much more.

«Andy Zimmermann records into Highgerman or – if desired – into the dialects of Zurich or Berne»

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«Due to having own professional equipment, another studio is not necessary. You can be present at the recording via Source Connect Now or Skype and within a short time you will receive the audio file.»

Own sound studio for voiceover recording

Should you book Andy Zimmermann as a voiceover artist, you have another great advantage: by using his own, modern sound studio he can immediately record the audio files in the best quality and send the voice recording online. This way a text can also be realized for a smaller budget.


The Swiss voiceover artist records your product after a briefing over the telephone or you are present live via Source Connect Now or Skype and can directly influence the voice recordings. For advertising formats the recordings will be delivered in 4 tonality variations. When recording the voiceover artist acts in accordance to the time code information or the rough cut of a video. You can choose in which format you wish to receive the voice recordings: as a WAV, AIF or MP3 file – either rough, so that you can continue working on the audio track, or compressed and edited for an immediate, uncomplicated application.

Operational area of the Swiss voiceover artist with audio samples (in German)

Swiss voice over for image movies & online videos
Swiss voice for radio ads or radio spots
A swiss voice for tv ads or commercials
Swiss voice over for podcasts and hybrid events
Swiss voice over for e-learning projects
swiss voice over for telephone systems and ivr
Ask for an offer now

Andy Zimmermann will impress you with his voice-over. Simply fill in the contact form and he will get back to you within the next business day. An alternative is to directly get in contact with him via a Skype call!

Thanks to him being competent, quick and uncomplicated, you will soon receive a high-quality voice recording, which guarantees a professional impression on the vocal level.

Voiceover artist agencies

As a voiceover artist from Switzerland, Andy Zimmerman is also represented in many international lists of voiceover artists, for example (USA), Bodalgo, Find a Voice, Sprecherkartei, Sprechersprecher, Sprecherdatei, Agentur Ost West (Germany) and Voicearchive (Denmark). He works as a freelance Swiss voiceover artist and is a member of the Association of Professional Speakers. 

The path towards becoming a professional voiceover artist

Since 2001 Andy Zimmerman has been working in the media and event industry and has collected a lot of experience. As a technical staff member in the web TV of one of the largest Swiss media companies he was not only responsible for immaculate sound of the video contributions, but was also regularly the voiceover artist for editorial contributions, advertisement formats and billboards. His ambition was fully awoken thanks to the positive feedback at a voiceover artist casting to become a radio announcer. Since 2011 he is a freelance voiceover artist in Switzerland.

He completed his further education with the prestigious Swiss voiceover artists Mark Baer and Gabriela Leutwiler or the German trainer Michael Zimmerer and receives further training at the For training in high German, he works together with Kathrin Geissmann.

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